Our professional showreel editing service (currently available at our London office only) is for performers who need to edit their video material together into a showreel for their Spotlight profile. 

We have a number of professional showreel editors who work with us and several full time members of staff who oversee the service. All of our editors have worked with us in our studios and are familiar with the casting industry and its requirements. 

What you get:

For more information on preparing for your showreel edit, see our guide for showreels and find out what casting directors are looking for in a great showreel by watching this video: 

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The Hourly Amendment Service
One hour of editing costs £80 per hour (inc VAT)
The amendment service is booked by the hour. An hour is generally enough time to make small amendments to your existing showreel, including moving pieces around and adding one or two new scenes to the reel. If you did not have your reel edited at Spotlight, or had it edited here prior to 2013, we would require a high quality copy of the reel on DVD or in a workable digital format which would be better suited for editing. This is also suitable for new performers who want to extract one or two scenes from a show that they have been in. If you are unsure how much time you will need - please email us at [email protected]

The Three Hour Starter Edit
 The full edit, which is up to 3 hours in length, costs £195 (inc VAT)
This is a full edit suitable for performers who have the footage and need some expertise in editing it into a complete showreel. It is also suitable for performers who have a lot of work that needs to be added to an existing showreel.