ERA 50:50 - One Year On in the Campaign for Gender Equality on British Stage and Screen

We catch up with the ERA 50:50's work in their campaign for equal gender representation on British stage and screens by 2020


ERA 50:50's (Equal Representation for Actresses) aim is clear: women should be represented in film, TV and theatre in a way that reflects the full extent of their presence and the diversity of their experiences, with a 50:50 gender balance on British stage and screen by 2020. 

ERA 50:50 have been making powerful strides in the industry towards on stage and on screen equality. Supported by Spotlight and Equity, and hosted by Olivia Colman, they put on an eminent event last year at BAFTA to inspire top industry leaders to make real changes. 

Since that inaugural event at BAFTA, the team have been working hard to make noise in the industry and with government.

Here's just some of their achievements to date:

  • BAFTA Film & TV Awards 2016-2018: Badge bombed the BAFTA film and TV awards ceremonies where high profile actors and actresses wore our badge and pledged their support. Most notably James Nesbitt who, whilst presenting an award, publicly pledged to support our ambitions for 50:50 across British Screens. Badges were also worn by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Olivia Colman, Ophelia Lovibond, Samson Kayo and Kim Cattrell among many others.

  • The National Theatre: Directly influenced The National Theatre to add gender to their diversity targets.

  • The Globe Theatre: ERA 50:50 advocate and supporter Michelle Terry promised 50:50 casting when she became Artistic Director of The Globe Theatre.

  • Olivier Awards 2018: Successfully badge bombed the Olivier Awards and our badge was worn by many actors and actresses notably Denise Gough, Monica Dolan and award winner Michael Jibson, the cast of Hamilton, Imelda Staunton and Bertie Carvel.

  • Golden Globes 2018: Successfully badge bombed the Golden Globes with our badge worn by Claire Foy and Emma Watson. 

  • UK Government: Created alliances with Maria Miller, MP and Chair of the Women & Equalities Select Committee with an intention to set up an All Party Parliamentary Group specifically looking at gender equality as a requirement for any public purse monies. Continue to garner support from other MP's including Tracy Brabin, MP and Jess Philips, MP. Garnered the support of Tom Watson, MP and directly influenced Labour Party policy for the Shadow DCMS to ensure that all TV, film and theatre has gender as part of any qualifying criteria for public monies.

  • Production Companies: Developed strategic relationships with major independent production companies and continue to liaise with these companies to educate and influence their policy on commissioning and producing more content written and directed by women resulting in more women on screen.

  • Arts Council England: As part of a consortium of female leaders in the arts met with Sir Nicolas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England to discuss the continued under-representation of women in leadership positions, as produced writers, artistic directors of major NPO's and on stage in meaningful numbers across age, diversity and ability. Working with ACE to develop a questionnaire to determine the accurate representation of women across the arts.

Here's a short video to show you what role you can play to make 50:50 a reality by 2020!


Take a look at everything they are up to with the ERA 50:50 campaign on Twitter and on their website.